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Autumn 2016

Asian-American Studies Courses

Qtr Course Section / SLN Instructor Meetings
aut AAS 330: Asian American Theater

Covers drama from the 1970's to now, in historical contexts. They study of drama is dialogical, through dialogue. Themes are contested among the characters. Our studies participate, with the plays, in questioning race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and class. Includes students' performances of dramatic readings. No prior experience in theater is required.

A - 10110 Schleitwiler, Vincent J T Th 11:30-13:20
LOW 105
aut AAS 360: Critical Filipino American Histories

Examines the diverse historical and contemporary experiences of Filipinas and Filipinos in the United States in order to critically understand their immigration patterns, colonial histories, practices of identity constructions, and interactions with other groups.

A - 10111 Rick Bonus T Th 13:30-15:20
PCAR 293
aut AAS 370: Japanese Americans: Race, Culture, Discrimination, Gender, And Endurance

Explores the changing nature of Japanese Americans from the first, Issei, to the latest generation. Topics include arrival, inequality and discrimination, Picture Brides, WW II, and minority-majority race relations. Lectures, readings, discussion, and videos offer varied approaches to view culture, values, community, concentration camps, gender, socio-economic, and psychological issue.

A - 10112 M W 11:30-13:20
MUS 223
aut AAS 385: Asian Americans And Pacific Islander Americans: Race, Law, And Justice

Explores relationship of race, law, and justice in history of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans. Examines how challenges and resistance to racial discrimination, inequality, and colonialism transformed our political and legal justice system. Issues include citizenship, immigration, sovereignty, gender, civil liberties, national security, work, property, language, education, and marriage.

A - 10113 Rick Bonus T Th 09:30-11:20
LOW 106
aut AAS 392: Asian American And Pacific Islander Women

Explores the intersection of race, ethnicity, gender, class, and sexuality in the lives of Asian American and Pacific Islander women. Examines how forces such as immigration, colonialism, sovereignty, labor, family, gender roles and relations, community, war, homeland politics, transnationalism, and social movements shaped and were shaped by these women. Offered: jointly with GWSS 392.

A - 10114 T Th 09:30-11:20
THO 134
aut AAS 395: Critical Studies Of Post-Vietnam War Southeast Asian Americans: Not Just Refugees

Focuses on the experiences of Vietnamese, Cambodians/Khmer, Lao, and Indo-Chinese, addressing the various waves of these Southeast Asians to the USA after 1975. Beyond refugee status and the Vietnam War, students explore how ethnicity, age, class, gender and generation influences Southeast Asian groups in America.

A - 10115 Connie So M W
aut AAS 402: Contemporary Asian American Literature

Examines Asian American literature from the 1950s to the present that require analyses of structures of power and possibilities for empowerment of an American "minority" group. Multi-ethnic focus, including Filipino American, Japanese American, Chinese American, Korean American, Vietnamese American, and South Asian American subjects.

A - 10116 M W 11:30-13:20
EEB 045
aut AAS 499: Undergraduate Independent Study A - 10117 to be arranged -
* *
aut AAS 499: Undergraduate Independent Study B - 10118 to be arranged -
* *