Welcome to All Eyes on AES

The publication of this inaugural issue of All Eyes on AES coincides with the celebration of a significant milestone in the life of our department. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the creation of American Ethnic Studies, an academic unit established in 1985 through the unification of African American Studies, Asian American Studies, and the Center for Chicano Studies. These were all programs that came into existence out of the struggles for social change and educational reforms during the Civil Rights movement, and had functioned as autonomous units at the UW since the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Over the last three decades, AES has evolved in many different ways. The original components of our department have come together to embody a truly multicultural and multidisciplinary program. Together, in collaboration with other campus units, and also with relevant extramural constituencies, we continue to strive to move forward on the basis of collective energy and momentum. As stated in our website welcome, AES is a research and teaching unit dedicated to the production and transmission of knowledge on key aspects and issues of race and ethnicity. Our aim is to help students become knowledgeable citizens with an advanced sense of critical thinking and respect for diversity — a process that continues beyond graduation.

The growth process of our unit has elicited, and continues to elicit, much attention. All eyes have been, and still are, on AES. We welcome that attention. Indeed, this newsletter is intended to showcase and share, as broadly as possible, the diverse activities and multiple accomplishments of our faculty, students, and alumni. In addition to meaningful news, each issue will feature the profile of prominent AES graduates, stories highlighting significant faculty projects (publications, awards, etc.), and current students’ accomplishments.

We are creating this newsletter to facilitate our interaction with the campus and extramural communities, and also to foment our connections with AES alumni, friends, and current students. We want to hear from you. Please write and tell us what you are doing these days!

Lauro Flores
Professor & Chair


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