Steve Sumida in Paper Angels

Prof. Stephen Sumida
Professor Emeritus Stephen Sumida

PAPER ANGELS by Genny Lim, directed by David Hsieh


In 1915, eager and hopeful Chinese immigrants await permission to enter the United States at the West Coast immigration center located at Angel Island in San Francisco Bay. In sharing the stories of sojourners aspiring to find a home in the America of their dreams, PAPER ANGELS brings history to life, creating a moving depiction of the same issues our country is still struggling with today.


PAPER ANGELS offers an intimate portrait of the immigrant experience, revealing the universal desires and haunting realities of those coming to America. All performances will be followed by brief post-play discussions to connect the events explored in the play from 1915 with those happening today in 2015.


The LAB and the Courtyard at INScape Arts are located in Seattle's former Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) building, thus echoing the play's setting - the barracks of Angel Island where detainees carved stories into the walls as they waited weeks and sometimes years for their American freedom. Audiences attending Paper Angels in Seattle can view Wing Luke Museum's free Voices of the Immigration exhibit throughout the hallways of INScape Arts when you attend the show.

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