AES Offers Support for Undocumented Students

Shortly after the results of the presidential election were announced in early November 2016, AES felt compelled to post the following position statement in support of the many undocumented students in the department and across the UW campus who continue to experience fear and distress as a consequence of not knowing what their future holds. We urge everyone to continue providing all of the students that we serve in AES and across the UW campus with the support they need to navigate the continuing uncertainty in their lives.

Recognizing that the University has rightfully opened its doors to all qualified students regardless of resident status, faculty and staff in the Department of American Ethnic Studies are committed to addressing the needs of these students at this critical juncture.  To this end, AES proposes the following steps:

  1. Ask students in AES classes to feel free to confer with AES faculty and staff about any issues or concerns connected with the incoming presidential administration’s hardened position regarding undocumented immigrants, especially those of Mexican descent. 
  2. Develop and implement alternative instructional strategies that will allow all affected students to complete class requirements.  Structured assistance could be in the form of offering additional time or alternative spaces to complete class work. 
  3. Announce to each AES class that these resources are available to any student requesting such assistance. 
  4. Make the College of Arts & Sciences aware of the position taken by AES faculty and staff, and recommend that Deans encourage other departments in the College to adopt similar strategies. 
  5. Make the University central administration aware of the decision adopted by AES faculty and staff, and urge both President Cauce and Provost Baldasty to consider urging instructional units across the University to adopt a similar position.   
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