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Submitted by Olivia J Hernandez on July 14, 2017 - 10:17pm
AES Chair Juan Guerra
AES Chair Juan Guerra

As I approach the beginning of my third year as AES Chair, there is much to look back on that reminds us of how important our work is in supporting the well-being of the department. While we have faced our share of challenges, it is in the celebratory moments we showcase in each issue of All Eyes on AES that we find the most authentic manifestation of our commitment to a future that beckons and asks us to remember who we are and where we’re going. Once again, the diverse activities and multiple accomplishments of AES faculty, staff and students that we are proud to share with you in this issue vividly highlight our very best qualities. So, please, join us in reading an array of stories that welcome two “new” colleagues to the department, acknowledge the accomplishments of a distinguished faculty member who retired in June, highlight the significant contributions of faculty to mentoring, research and scholarship, and honor the important accomplishments of AES majors as they work hand in hand with faculty to change the world in positive ways.

Among the stories you will read about in this issue is one that reviews the outstanding career of Professor Erasmo Gamboa, who decided to retire this past June. In light of the fact that he was both an undergraduate and graduate student at the UW before he became a tenure-track professor, it is not too much to suggest that Gamboa’s legacy at the UW not only parallels but envelops the department’s legacy. We are all proud of his many achievements over the years and look forward to his continued involvement as professor emeritus in the department’s future.

As Gamboa leaves AES, we are also pleased to welcome two new outstanding tenure-track faculty members to the fold. After a very competitive search process, we are proud to acknowledge that we were able to persuade Professors Jang Wook Huh and Linh Nguyen to join us in our efforts to make a difference in the lives of our students. Please be sure to personally welcome them to Seattle and the UW when you have occasion to meet either one of them. The many other stories you will be reading in this issue of All Eyes on AES will no doubt also make an impression as you learn about Nicolas Khamphilom’s selection as a Husky 100 Scholar, the involvement of several AES students in honoring the founding of the Filipino American Students Association, as well as the ongoing commitment of AES faculty to mentoring visiting scholars, sponsoring special events, and transforming the department’s curricular offerings.

As is always true, these are only a few examples of the meaningful contributions that our faculty, staff, students have made this year. Together, these stories will provide you with a glimpse into the rich possibilities that play themselves out in AES every single day. Keep in mind that we also want to hear your stories—whether you’re AES alumni, friends, current students or community partners—so that we can join you in celebrating and sharing your accomplishments in a future installment of All Eyes on AES. So, please, stay in touch and let us know what you’re up to. In the meantime, enjoy reading the stories in this issue and join us in working to forge new connections as we continue to strengthen the many bonds we already share.

Juan Guerra

Professor & Chair

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