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LaShawnDa Pittman
Assistant Professor LaShawnDa Pittman wasn’t expecting much of a response to her in class and email request seeking student volunteers to help develop a report for the Mayors Council on African American Elders (MCAAE). To her surprise, seven replied and said yes. In doing so, they gained insights into city policy planning and the plight of underserved African American elders, and made a big contribution to completing the report, now in review by Mayor Ed Murray’s staff. “All the council members... Read more
Ana Marie Cauce UW Interim President
The AES community applauds two of its long-time faculty members in their rise to the UW’s top leadership positions in March. The Board of Regents named Provost Ana Mari Cauce as interim president when President Michael Young left to become president at Texas A&M University. To fill the interim provost position, Cauce tapped Jerry Baldasty, senior vice provost for academic and student affairs since 2012. In a time of transition, the UW is in the stewardship of two highly experienced and... Read more
Parissh Knox at DC Wall
Parissh Knox (BA AES, ’96) prefers eating family style and tends to follow his own path in life. He strives to live a life of a servant leader. Foremost, he tries to always remember his roots and how blessed his life has been. And he rarely checks “one box only” on personal information forms. As an Okinawan Black White transnational adoptee, Knox had to learn English when he came to the US as a child.  Adopted by a military family, they moved from base to base until his family reached Tacoma,... Read more
UW 2014 Exploration Seminar South China Macau
When Westerners think or study about China, or travel there, much of their attention goes to Beijing and Shanghai, and other areas in the north. Mostly overlooked is the southern Chinese coast. That, according to Connie So, a senior lecturer in AES, bypasses a culturally and  historically important region that is the ancestral homeland of most Chinese Americans, including So and many of her students. Calling attention to and increasing understanding of southern China’s past and present was the... Read more
Alfredo Arrequin 2014 exhibit in Spain
Northwesterners have long appreciated the work of Alfredo Arreguín, celebrated artist of the Americas, native of Mexico, long-time Seattle resident, and alumnus of the UW fine arts program. This past year, an exhibit curated by AES chair Lauro Flores traveled to three institutions in Spain, putting his complex and vibrant paintings on view for new audiences.   Diseños y Naturaleza / Sueños y Naturaleza (Designs and Nature, Dreams and Nature) ... Read more
The annual Spring Celebration event provides students with the opportunity to showcase the many ways they are engaging in leadership and service. Through a gallery of student projects and oral breakout sessions, students present their engagement and discuss their service and leadership experiences with other students, faculty, community partners, civic and university leaders.
Juan Felipe Herrera
Juan Felipe Herrera, poet laureate of California, has been teaching courses in AES during spring quarter. His poetry, short stories, novels, and performance art have examined the social issues experienced by Hispanic Americans throughout the United States.... Read more
Carolyn Pinedo Turnovsky
Assistant Professor Carolyn Pinedo Turnovsky was featured on The Whole U's Faculty FridayRead more here.  
Portraits of Hispanic American Heroes
The Pura Belpré Award is presented annually to a Latino/Latina writer and illustrator whose work best portrays, affirms, and celebrates the Latino cultural experience in an outstanding work of literature for children and youth.   2015 Author Honor Book Portraits of Hispanic American Heroes, written by Juan Felipe Herrera, illustrated by Raúl Colón and published by Dial Books for... Read more
Connie So receives 2015 International Examiner Community Voice Award
  Dr. Connie So, Senior Lecturer, is a recipient of the 2015 International Examiner Community Voice Award, celebrating the exceptional achievements of Asian Pacific American leaders who have inspired and greatly impacted the community at the local and/or global level.