OUGL & AES Celebrate 'Bruce Lee Ascending

Submitted by Lorna Tampico Hamill on

Odegaard Undergraduate Library (OUGL) and AES recently celebrated the installation of 'Bruce Lee Ascending' created by Han Edward So Eckelberg, American Ethnic Studies alumnus. Eckelberg's graphic work finally memorialized Bruce Lee, activist, Hollywood director, actor, martial arts artist, and UW alumnus on campus. Chosen for his activism and community impact for human rights in the Asian community, Eckelberg honors Lee for his leadership and inspiration.

You can gain the full experience of the display by visiting OUGL grand staircase. With each step you take, admire Lee's golden silhouette, and contemplate the sagacious words Lee used to inspire; "When one has reached maturity in the art, one will have a "boundless" form". 

You can visit Eckelberg’s website for videos of the celebration.

‘Bruce Lee Ascending’ debuts at UW’s Odegaard Undergraduate Library | The Seattle Times