People - A-Z Directory

Name Title Email / Phone Office / Hours
Andresen, Third Part-Time Lecturer
Bonus, Rick Chair, Professor
(206) 543-3929
B-506 Padelford Hall
Cortés Viharo, Monica Instructor
Flores, Lauro H. Professor
(206) 543-4343
B521 Padelford Hall
by appointment
Gamboa, Erasmo Professor Emeritus
(206) 543-4224
Gonzalez, Martin Alberto Assistant Teaching Professor
Guerra, Juan Professor Emeritus
B-525 Padelford Hall
by appointment
Hamill, Lorna T. Academic Counselor (206) 221-0664 B-504 Padelford Hall
M-F 8-5pm
Hernández-Cordero, Anjelica Administrator
(206) 543-0867
B-510 Padelford Hall
M-F 9-5pm
Huh, Jang Wook Assistant Professor
(206) 543-4488
PDL A516
Juan, Kell Assistant Teaching Professor
PDL A512
Kashima, Tetsuden Professor Emeritus
(206) 543-4219
A-513 Padelford Hall
Levy, La TaSha Assistant Professor A519 Padelford Hall
By Appointment
Méndez, Alina R. Assistant Professor
PDL B507
Professor Méndez will not be teaching in the department until Fall 2021. Instead, she will be working on her book manuscript as a Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow and School for Advanced Research Resident Scholar during the 2020-2021 academic year.
Nguyễn, Linh Thủy Assistant Professor
(206) 543-4224
PDL B523
by appt at
Nomura, Gail Associate Professor, Professor Emerita
(206) 543-4219
A-513 Padelford Hall
Palms, Ellen
(206) 543-5401
B-505 Padelford Hall
M-Th 8:00-4:30
Peña, Devon G. Professor
(206) 228-4876
M-42 Denny Hall
Pinedo-Turnovsky, Carolyn Associate Professor
(206) 543-6363
A-517 Padelford Hall
Email to schedule an individual appointment.
Pittman, LaShawnDa Assistant Professor
(206) 543-4495
B-517 Padelford Hall
Retman, Sonnet Associate Professor
(206) 543-0470
A-514 Padelford Hall
By appointment
Rosales Castañeda, Oscar Instructor
Salas, Elizabeth Associate Professor
Schleitwiler, Vincent Assistant Professor
(206) 543-6301
A-515 Padelford Hall
Sisay, Brukab Assistant Teaching Professor
(206) 543-4219
A-513 Padelford Hall
So, Connie Teaching Professor
(206) 543-3424
by appt.
Sumida, Stephen H. Professor Emeritus
(206) 543-4219
B-513 Padelford Hall
Waita, Jacqueline Associate Teaching Professor
(206) 543-5160
B-509 Padelford Hall
T W 10:30-11:15 or by appt.
Walter, John C. Professor Emeritus