Scholarship by American Ethnic Studies faculty include many articles, essays, book chapters, and book reviews, as well as books and anthologies on diverse subjects, including: J. Raymond Jones and Tammany; transforming the curriculum by making ethnic and women’s studies central to a liberal arts education; writing in multicultural settings; food and environmental justice; social stratification and inequality; gender, sexuality, and class; labor and immigration; political economy; American Ethnic Studies theory and methodology; women’s history in the Mexican military; Chicano labor history; technology, work, gender, and ecology on the U.S.-Mexico border; Chicano history and culture of Oregon; Chicano art and artists; U.S. Hispanic literature; African American literature and culture; Black intellectual traditions; gender and family in African American communities; Hawaii’s polyethnic literature; Japanese American imprisonment in WWII; Asian American literature; Asian American communities; Filipino Americans and the cultural politics of place; and Asian American and Pacific Islander American women.

Recent Research