Intersections features stories of interest related to AES from multiple perspectives and interactions.  Here, we highlight different and diverse paths that our students, faculty, staff, administration, colleagues, alumni, families, friends, and community members have taken in connection with AES.  If you are interested in commenting or contributing to Intersections, feel welcome to email us at

This past summer, American Ethnic Studies alum Nestor Enguerra Jr. became the project director for UW Tacoma's AAPI Thrive project. The U.S. Department of Education awarded UW Tacoma a $2 million grant to expand support and services for AAPI and low-income students. "I think we (Pacific Islanders and Asian Americans) were always on the margins of education", said Enguerra. Part of Enguerra’s focus is on meeting the requirements of the grant. “My priority is making sure students that I work… Read more
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Asian American History, Shared through Graphic Novels | UW College of Arts & Sciences ( American Ethnic Studies students announced prequel and sequel to In A Yellow Tone, a fictional graphic novel based on family stories of the World War II era. Students plan to complete the next novella by Spring 2023. The book is available at the UW Libraries and will… Read more
I want to open this new schoolyear with all of you in the spirit and ethos of hope, not so much to only mean that we should keep on being optimistic about our future, but really, to keep on proactively transforming our lives, given all the challenges and successes we’ve been experiencing.  Being confident about where we’re headed is not something I would discourage.  But being intentional about changing our lives for the better, even if we’re unsure about how to do it, is twice as good… Read more
Since 2016, the National Minority Quality Forum (NMQF) has selected 40 minority health leaders under the age of 40 who have been leading the charge to better patient outcomes and build sustainable healthy communities. These leaders are clinicians, patient advocates, researchers and policy makers. Despite the unexpected trials in health care during the past couple of years, these 40 leaders persevered in strengthening their communities and reducing health… Read more
Congratulations to Jasmine Smith for being one of the first recipients of the Castro-Naoe Family Scholarship in Honor of Nzingha, Nandi, and You.  An outstanding AES major and member of the board of Sisterhood, Jasmine will receive $2,000, to be applied… Read more
The mission of SAR Press encompasses not only publishing research at the forefront of anthropology and Southwest and Native studies, but also providing resources to our past, present, and future scholars, as well as any scholar looking for more information about the publishing process. Their blog series is comprised of interviews with diverse scholars including first-generation scholars and those from marginalized… Read more
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Mexican Women Past & Presentculminated in a final research paper comparing and contrasting the lives of one contemporary Mexican woman (born after 1940) and one historic Mexican woman (born before 1940). In preparation, students attended a research workshop led by Ethnic Studies Librarian, Harry Murphy, to locate at least 6 credible sources (e.g. books, magazines, journals, in print or… Read more
Founded in 1994, the Multicultural Alumni Partnership (MAP) is dedicated to promoting diversity at the UW and in the UW alumni community, and are leaders in addressing issues of equality and equity through scholarships, mentoring, lectures and University community engagement. MAP is open to everyone; the only qualification is a passion for diversity and social justice. Read Gillian's story… Read more
Upon arriving at the Manila International Airport, I was about to cross the immigration booth when the officer there asked me, “Where’s your passport?” I quickly handed him my USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) Refugee Travel Document. Confused and anxious, I looked over at the other side for perhaps a hint of help -- toward my study abroad professor and the rest of my cohort who were waiting in line. My family and I fled Myanmar as refugees when I was… Read more
"Pasifik Standard Time:  Alameda's Playbook," a film screening and workshop on November 9, 2019, one of the programs for the PICA Conference co-hosted by Nike Ascend and other organizations.  The photo, taken by Ian Fong of Nike Ascend, is of some of the volunteers, performers and guests on that… Read more