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People - Faculty

Professor, Department Chair / (206) 543-3929
B-506 Padelford Hall
Professor, American Ethnic Studies / (206) 543-4343
Office Hours: by appointment
B521 Padelford Hall
Kell Juan
Assistant Teaching Professor, Tagalog / 206-616-5789
PDL A512
Assistant Professor / (206) 543-4224
Office Hours: Current students please email. New students: OH will resume in Spring 2022 by appt at
PDL B523
Dr. Devon Peña
Professor / (206) 228-4876
M-42 Denny Hall
Associate Professor / (206) 543-6363
Office Hours: On sabbatical leave during Spring 2021.
A-517 Padelford Hall
Associate Professor; Adjunct Associate Professor: Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, and English / (206) 543-0470
Office Hours: By appointment
A-514 Padelford Hall
Associate Professor; Adjunct Professor: History, and Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies (Retired)
Brukab Sisay, Lecturer - American Ethnic Studies
Lecturer Part-Time / (206) 543-4219
A-513 Padelford Hall
Teaching Professor / (206) 543-3424
Office Hours: by appt.
Associate Teaching Professor, Swahili / (206) 543-5160
Office Hours: T W 10:30-11:15 or by appt.
B-509 Padelford Hall

Emeritus Faculty

Professor Emeritus; Adjunct Professor: History, and Latin American Studies / (206) 543-4224
Juan Guerra, AES Department Chair
Professor Emeritus / 206-685-6739
Office Hours: by appointment
B-525 Padelford Hall
Professor Emeritus; Adjunct Professor of Sociology / (206) 543-4219
A-513 Padelford Hall
Associate Professor Emerita; Adjunct Associate Professor: History, and Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies / (206) 543-4219
A-513 Padelford Hall
Professor Emeritus / (206) 543-4219
B-513 Padelford Hall
Professor Emeritus; Adjunct Professor: History; Emerita of African American Studies