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AES Chair Rick Bonus
September 29, 2021
Welcome to school year 2021-2022! I write this in struggle with you, given all the hardships brought about by our ongoing pandemic, by worldwide calamities and conflicts, and by our continuing attempts to reckon with social inequalities. I also write this in the spirit of hope and renewal, to remind ourselves of everything else that we do and try to achieve in spite of our struggles. It is through these contexts that I share with you some great news about AES that provide us reasons to... Read more
Bruce Harrell, Seattle’s mayor-elect, during his campaign.
December 1, 2021
Dr. Connie So contributed to the International Examiner's feature about Bruce Harrell’s election as Seattle’s first Asian American mayor. Read it here.
November 15, 2021
Prof. Devon Peña contributed to National Geographic's Planet Possible photo essay on acequia farms. A centuries-old irrigation system sustains a unique and ancient culture that today faces unprecedented threats. Rising temperatures, declining snowpack, and record drought attributed to climate change dried up some acequias, forcing families to fallow fields and sell cattle. Extremes in weather in this... Read more
Gendered Invisibility: Ethnic Mexican Women and the Bracero Program
November 8, 2021
Alina R. Méndez’s latest publication, “Gendered Invisibility: Ethnic Mexican Women and the Bracero Program” is now available online. With twenty-five primary sources and an introduction and bibliography, “Gendered Invisibility” is a great instructional resource for high... Read more
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November 1, 2021
The Department of American Ethnic Studies invites applications for a full-time teaching position starting on September 16, 2022. American Ethnic Studies draws upon interdisciplinary, intersectional, comparative, and transnational frameworks to explore dynamic relations of race and power within the United States and larger diasporic and global contexts.  We seek a candidate who is committed to a career in teaching and pedagogical innovation. The criteria for merit evaluation and promotion in... Read more
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October 18, 2021
President Ana Mari Cauce shares her celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, and invites us to explore the many contributions of Hispanic and Latinx faculty, staff, students and alumni to history, culture and scientific achievement, as well as the impact of Latinx artists and thinkers on our campuses.  ... Read more
Black faculty from UW Seattle and Tacoma
October 18, 2021
In 2020, Drs. Alexes Harris and LaShawnDa Pittman organized Black faculty on campus by bringing together nearly 60 faculty from across the 3 campuses. Their collective mission statement reads:  The University of Washington Black Faculty Collective (BFC) is an inclusive and healing space intended for faculty across our three campuses who identify as Black or African American. We welcome all faculty, including visiting scholars and research professors, lecturers, tenure-track and tenured... Read more
Latinx Heritage Month
October 4, 2021
Roxana Pardo Garcia (2013)  and Jake Prendez (2000) have both been featured in Community Stories -- the ... Read more
Oliver Rollins
September 29, 2021
AES proudly welcomes its newest faculty member, Dr. Oliver Rollins, the latest one to be added to our roster of exceptional and diverse faculty.  Rollins will serve as assistant professor with focused teachings in African American studies and American ethnic studies beginning winter quarter 2022.  He completed his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of California, San Francisco and most recently was based at the... Read more