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Roxana Pardo Garcia, cofounder of Alimentado el Pueblo, poses for a portrait outside Lake Burien Presbyterian Church, December 14, 2020
This Burien food pantry provides more than familiar staples to the Latinx community. AES Alumna Roxana Pardo Garcia organizes a food pantry serving King County’s Latinx community, one that offers a more positive experience during these hard times. Read more here.
AES Alumna Priya Frank
The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) announced today the appointment of AES Alumna Priya Frank as Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (DEDI), a new position on the museum’s executive team. Frank has been at SAM since 2016 as the Associate Director of Community Programs in the Education department and the founding chair of the staff-led Equity Team. This new role grows out of Frank’s ongoing work at SAM to integrate racial equity into the museum’s... Read more
Bugs & Beasts Before the Law Colloquium
Carolyn Pinedo-Turnovsky contributes to session, “What documents constrain, narrate, or liberate subject hood?” as part of the Bugs and Beasts Before the Law Colloquium organized by the Henry Art Gallery.  Bugs and Beasts Before the Law imagines and explores possibilities for survival and liberation for those whose... Read more
Rea Tajiri: History and Memory
In a virtual event in November for South Side Projections in Chicago, AES’s Vince Schleitwiler and Temple University’s Rea Tajiri recently presented images of Japanese American resettlement in postwar Chicago from Chicago in Black and White, a rediscovered phototext manuscript by their father/grandfather, the noted photojournalist Vince Tajiri. Chelsea Foxwell of the University of... Read more
Gillian Duenas
Founded in 1994, the Multicultural Alumni Partnership (MAP) is dedicated to promoting diversity at the UW and in the UW alumni community, and are leaders in addressing issues of equality and equity through scholarships, mentoring, lectures and University community engagement. MAP is open to everyone; the only qualification is a passion for diversity and social justice. Read Gillian's story... Read more
Humanities Washington
This candid conversation examines America’s historical use of law enforcement to uphold racial hierarchy, the context of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and how we, and our institutions, can evolve towards justice.
Setsuko’s Secret - Shirley Ann Higuchi
When she was growing up, Shirley Ann Higuchi couldn’t get her mother, Setsuko, to discuss her life at the Heart Mountain concentration camp during World War II. But when Setsuko was dying from cancer, her kids learned that she had quietly dedicated herself to supporting historical preservation efforts at the camp site for years, setting Higuchi on a journey of discovery that she chronicles in her new book, Setsuko’s Secret.... Read more
Minor in Oceania and Pacific Islander Studies
Explore opportunities in learning about Oceanic cultures by considering a Minor in Oceania & Pacific Islander Studies. Learn more at 
Journal of Korean Studies; October 2020
In the 1900s American missionaries used the industrial vision of the African American leader Booker T. Washington to instill the idea of economic progress in Koreans. Inspired by this uplift model, the Korean intellectual Yun Ch’i-ho (Yun Ch’iho) and US Southern Methodists founded the Anglo-Korean School in 1906, where students would later produce textile products called “Korea mission cloth” for global sale. This article examines the promotion of manual labor in the intersection of religious... Read more
Assistant Professor LaShawnda Pittman
Prof. LaShawnDa Pittman contributed an essay in the “Black Voices” issue of... Read more