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Daily Labors: Marketing Identity and Bodies on a New York City Street Corner
Daily Labors:  Marketing Identity and Bodies on a New York City Street Corner On street corners throughout the country, men stand or sit together patiently while they wait for someone looking to hire un buen trabajador (a good worker). These day laborers are visible symbols of the changing nature of work—and the demographics of workers—in the United States.  Carolyn Pinedo-Turnovsky spent nearly three years... Read more
Leon Forrest Professor of Sociology and African American Studies at Northwestern University
A new book by filmmaker and journalist Frank Abe, with contributions from UW's own Stephen Sumida and Shawn Wong, includes rediscovered work and critical perspectives on John Okada, author of the classic novel No-No Boy. AES's Vince Schleitwiler examined the book in a recent article for the ... Read more
As the film Crazy Rich Asians makes waves at the box office, AES's Vince Schleitwiler takes a look at the long, radical history of Asian American film and media, in an article for the International Examiner.  ... Read more
A new public sculpture, commissioned from local artists Cheryll Leo-Gwinn and Stewart Wong for an Albuquerque courthouse, will recognize Chinese American civil rights struggles in the US West. AES's Vince Schleitwiler discussed the sculpture and history in a recent article for the... Read more
A new interactive web-based guide introduces visitors to Vashon Island to local Japanese American history. AES's Vince Schleitwiler was part of a team of researchers and writers who contributed to the site, a project of the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation.
AES's Vince Schleitwiler recently spoke with Black Agenda Report's Roberto Sirvent about his book, Strange Fruit of the Black Pacific.  ... Read more
The Society of Professional Journalists, Western Washington chapter recently honored AES's Vince Schleitwiler as part of the 2017 Northwest Excellence in Journalism Awards. Schleitwiler's International Examiner... Read more
AES's Vince Schleitwiler recently collaborated with filmmaker Rea Tajiri on a public art installation for the 25th anniversary celebration of the Asian Arts Initiative in Philadelphia.Titled Wataridori:... Read more
AES Chair Juan Guerra
As I come to the end of my third year as AES Chair, I am pleased to inform you that Dean Robert Stacey asked me to continue in the position for two more years—and I gladly accepted. Serving as AES Chair has been one of the highlights of my 45 years in academia, and working with faculty, staff and students in the department has been a joy that I will always cherish. In the past year, we experienced a few setbacks that I have no doubt we will bounce back from, one of the more challenging being a... Read more