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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
Several AES faculty contributed to the May issue of Arts & Sciences' Perspectives newsletter, a collection of work by Arts & Sciences faculty, students, alumni and friends related to Asian American and Pacific Islander history, heritage and culture. ... Read more
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New generations of Asian immigrants address the 'lunchbox moment.' Dr. Connie So is featured in Christine Pae's report on KING5. Read it here.
AES Alumnus Cesar Cueva
I am a proud Filipino American and self-described introvert. My life and artwork have been inspired by many things, including but not limited to cartoons, video games, comic books, movies, Filipino American history, and issues surrounding social justice and equity. I feel like I’ve always been hyper-aware of my Filipino American community and I made it a point to learn more about my community. I majored in American Ethnic Studies in order to better understand the issues that face not only my... Read more
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Professor Connie So was featured in KING 5's series on Facing Race.... Read more
AES Alumnus Paulo Pontemayor
The Horizon Award is presented to an APAICS alumnus who has dedicated extensive time and energy to promoting, encouraging, mentoring and inspiring AAPIs to serve the community through public service.
Alina Méndez
The mission of SAR Press encompasses not only publishing research at the forefront of anthropology and Southwest and Native studies, but also providing resources to our past, present, and future scholars, as well as any scholar looking for more information about the publishing process. Their blog series is comprised of interviews with diverse scholars including first-generation scholars and those from marginalized... Read more
Pasifika Heritage Month 2021
Virtual programs happening throughout the month of May. See the full schedule here.
When People Say "Support APIA," Do They Really Mean Pacific Islanders, Too? Rick Bonus is interviewed by Karenna Meredith for Popsugar.... Read more
positions: asia critique, Volume 29, Issue 1
This article engages with practices of ethnographic storytelling to perform a structural critique of US schooling from the perspectives of Pacific Islander students attending a university far from their ancestral homelands. Deploying indigeneity to comprehend how their schooling is meaningfully connected to their histories of imperial colonization and their resistances to it, these students’ specific understandings of the ocean enable them to transform the very school that alienates them and... Read more