AES COVID-19 Prevention Plan

University units are required to document their workplace COVID-19 prevention measures and review them with personnel. This template may be used for that purpose and used at a work-site level or department level as appropriate for the unit.

Graduate Assistantship Application for Fall 2021

There are currently 4 open Teaching Assistant positions in the American Ethnic Studies program.  These positions are available for the full academic year of 2021-2022. Read more here.

Our aim is to develop well-informed and compassionate citizens, to advance their capacity for critical thinking, their understanding of and respect for cultural diversity, and their self-perception as responsible members of an increasingly global society. Exploring the resources listed here and engaging with our Communities can help enrich your experience with AES.

Academic Student Employment -- Appointment and Pay Rate Information 

Sexual Misconduct Disclosure Requirement
Washington state law and University of Washington policy prohibits the UW from hiring candidates for graduate student employment who do not complete and sign a sexual misconduct declaration prior to their start of employment.  For further information about this requirement, see the UW Human Resources website.