Today Is Husky Giving Day! 

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Today is Husky Giving Day!

We invite you to participate in this annual event and help American Ethnic Studies reach our goal of 20 gifts of any amount. Your contribution to AES is important to our department and for our students who may need assistance to complete their bachelor’s degree. American Ethnic Studies is one of the most (if not, the most) diverse departments at the University of Washington. The department evolved from students’ demands to increase representation of diverse American ethnicities on campus.

Students within AES learn interdisciplinary theories, comparative concepts, and methods of inquiry as applied to the study of American ethnic groups. Students produce and analyze diasporic and transnational connections by examining cultural, environmental, literary, social, historical, economic and political perspectives in America. Students engage with past and present issues in contexts that are inclusive of and beneficial to ALL — not just the select few, but ALL of us. Passionate community members like you make all the difference, not only to the students you know and love, but for the program as a whole. Your gift helps enhance student experiences, internships, and research.

Like you, we believe no student should have a less-than-privileged experience when it comes to education, nor do we believe students should have to lose sight of their dreams of earning a degree. Thank you so much for supporting and enriching our program and for helping make everything we do possible. 

Please share our message as you see appropriate and let’s beat last years goal of a $1,000!

With gratitude,
American Ethnic Studies
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