Connie So Earns 2023 Outstanding Public Service Award

Submitted by Charlie Barnett on

The American Ethnic Studies Department is pleased to announce that AES's own Professor Connie So was given the 2023 Outstanding Public Service Award from the UW Provost Office. The award acknowledges faculty and staff members who improve the quality of life globally, nationally or locally by establishing significant contributions beyond the individual's field without compensation.  

Connie So has been recognized by the selection committee for her outstanding work in the Seattle Area by taking responsibility for the University's Athletic Department 4C Coalition program which was on the verge of collapsing after former academic coordinator Rod Jones passed away. She also lead efforts in protests against Asian discrimination that was happening in King County after recent attacks against BIPOC women. 

So wrote an Op-ed in the Seattle Times along with UW Women's Studies professor Sutapa Basu and former WA State Representative Velma Veloria to stand up against anti-Asian hatred, misogyny and violence which she was also not compensated for writing that article. 

"Connie is always busy with advocating for Asian American and Pacific Islander studies as well as for all studies associated with American Ethnic Studies" said department chair Rick Bonus. "Her public service work impacts large numbers of people from being aware and pro-active about current issues that matter to our daily lives all the way to helping shape and enforce public policies that positively transform our educational, political and social institutions."

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