Wen Eckelberg selected as scholar for China’s Yenching Academy

Submitted by Chris Carr on
Wen Eckelberg

Wen Eckelberg, who majors in American Ethnic Studies and English Creative Writing with honors distinctions in both disciplines, and is earning a minor in Diversity, will join current UW Yenching Scholars in the fully-funded interdisciplinary master's program. Wen will be a part of the 2024 cohort, joining 107 scholars hailing from 38 countries.

Eckelberg is looking forward to her time at Yenching to further explore literature as a lens to view history, culture and philosophy, while also improving her Chinese language literacy. She plans to examine literature written by both the Chinese in America and those still in China to paint a more complete picture of the Chinese American experience.

“I’m excited about my time at The Yenching Academy and the program’s commitment to understanding China’s multifaceted global role,” Eckelberg said.

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