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Setsuko’s Secret - Shirley Ann Higuchi
When she was growing up, Shirley Ann Higuchi couldn’t get her mother, Setsuko, to discuss her life at the Heart Mountain concentration camp during World War II. But when Setsuko was dying from cancer, her kids learned that she had quietly dedicated herself to supporting historical preservation efforts at the camp site for years, setting Higuchi on a journey of discovery that she chronicles in her new book, Setsuko’s Secret.... Read more
Minor in Oceania and Pacific Islander Studies
Explore opportunities in learning about Oceanic cultures by considering a Minor in Oceania & Pacific Islander Studies. Learn more at 
Journal of Korean Studies; October 2020
In the 1900s American missionaries used the industrial vision of the African American leader Booker T. Washington to instill the idea of economic progress in Koreans. Inspired by this uplift model, the Korean intellectual Yun Ch’i-ho (Yun Ch’iho) and US Southern Methodists founded the Anglo-Korean School in 1906, where students would later produce textile products called “Korea mission cloth” for global sale. This article examines the promotion of manual labor in the intersection of religious... Read more
Assistant Professor LaShawnda Pittman
Prof. LaShawnDa Pittman contributed an essay in the “Black Voices” issue of... Read more
John Okada's No-No Boy
Following the pandemic-related cancellation of the annual series of events at historic sites of Japanese American incarceration, Japanese American Memorial Pilgrimages organized Tadaima! A Virtual Community Pilgrimage, a landmark ten-week series of online events for an international audience. On July 10, 2020, AES’s Vince Schleitwiler joined biographer and filmmaker Frank Abe for a “book club”... Read more
LIASE Southeast Asia Symposium
What does it mean to find a “home” in a place where one is treated as a guest?  What does it mean to undertake a study of a part of the world that’s not your “home?”  In his keynote presentation at the LIASE Southeast Asia Symposium, Prof. Rick Bonus talks about the prospects and challenges of answering these questions by sharing some lessons he and his students learned in doing study abroad trips to the... Read more
Why Race Matters
This interdisciplinary conversation bringing together distinguished scholars from history, political science, and American ethnic studies aims to break down this year's presidential election through the lens of historical and present-day dynamics of race in American politics. We are in the midst of one of this country's most significant civil rights movements demanding an end to the violence inflicted on Black communities; how does this impact the presidential election and what are the stakes... Read more
The Southeast Asia Center at the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies and the Libraries at the University of Washington will spearhead a new initiative of innovative collaborations to explore the effects and consequences of authoritarianism in Southeast Asia and on Southeast Asian American communities in the United States. ... Read more
Jessica Par, B.A., American Ethnic Studies
Upon arriving at the Manila International Airport, I was about to cross the immigration booth when the officer there asked me, “Where’s your passport?” I quickly handed him my USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) Refugee Travel Document. Confused and anxious, I looked over at the other side for perhaps a hint of help -- toward my study abroad professor and the rest of my cohort who were waiting in line. My family and I fled Myanmar as refugees when I was... Read more
Nike ASCEND UW at Wing Luke 11-09-19
"Pasifik Standard Time:  Alameda's Playbook," a film screening and workshop on November 9, 2019, one of the programs for the PICA Conference co-hosted by Nike Ascend and other organizations.  The photo, taken by Ian Fong of Nike Ascend, is of some of the volunteers, performers and guests on that day.