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AES's Vince Schleitwiler recently spoke with Black Agenda Report's Roberto Sirvent about his book, Strange Fruit of the Black Pacific.  ... Read more
The Society of Professional Journalists, Western Washington chapter recently honored AES's Vince Schleitwiler as part of the 2017 Northwest Excellence in Journalism Awards. Schleitwiler's International Examiner... Read more
AES's Vince Schleitwiler recently collaborated with filmmaker Rea Tajiri on a public art installation for the 25th anniversary celebration of the Asian Arts Initiative in Philadelphia.Titled Wataridori:... Read more
AES Chair Juan Guerra
As I come to the end of my third year as AES Chair, I am pleased to inform you that Dean Robert Stacey asked me to continue in the position for two more years—and I gladly accepted. Serving as AES Chair has been one of the highlights of my 45 years in academia, and working with faculty, staff and students in the department has been a joy that I will always cherish. In the past year, we experienced a few setbacks that I have no doubt we will bounce back from, one of the more challenging being a... Read more
Hork Do remembers the moment his interest in studying American Ethnic Studies was officially sparked. During a trip to the UW to shadow his older cousin who was a student at the university, he decided to sit in on a large lecture course taught by Dr. Connie So. At the time, Hork was a high school senior at Kent Meridian High School and was trying to figure out where to apply for college. So’s class that day was the catalyst for his future education as an AES student. “I remember thinking,” Hork... Read more
American Ethnic Studies closed out the school year with a graduation celebration held on June 8th at the Mountaineers Seattle Program Center located at Magnuson Park. The graduates were beaming with excitement as they marched into an auditorium filled with proud family, friends and faculty during a processional led by Dr. Rick Bonus. Many of the graduates were adorned with colorful leis, stoles and personalized mortarboards as they entered the room to roaring applause. And they all had much to... Read more
Lorna Hamill
Lorna Hamill has her dream job. As she explains it: When I ask my students what they see themselves doing, I think, hey, this is what I see myself doing—working with these students." Hamill took on the role of Academic Counselor for American Ethnic Studies at the beginning of Autumn 2017. In 2018, she also became the adviser for the Diversity Minor at UW, a new task she gladly took on because it gave her an opportunity to work with even more students. An AES graduate herself,... Read more
Attendees of award ceremony (Photo by Assunta Ng,
Dr. Tetsuden Kashima, Professor Emeritus of American Ethnic Studies at the University of Washington, was presented with the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette by the government of Japan. Yoichiro Yamada, Consul General of Japan, honored Kashima with the award at an intimate reception at the Consul’s residence on March 9. Consul General Yamada cited the valuable work Kashima accomplished throughout his career. The reception was attended by several faculty members including Jeffrey M... Read more
LaShawnDa Pittman - Assistant Professor
After several years of research, development, and outreach, Professor LaShawnDa Pittman launched her “Real Black Grandmothers” website in late 2017. After extended research on race and poverty, Dr. Pittman began focusing on the influence of black grandmothers on black families and US policy. The website was launched with a clear mission: “At the center of Real Black Grandmothers, these black grandmothers’ own compelling words address the need to understand a population that often has been... Read more
Members of the University of Washington Micronesian Islands Club perform at a recent celebration for the launch of the new Oceania and Pacific Islander Studies minor.Corinne Thrash/U. of Washington
In Spring 2018, the UW launched a long overdue minor in Oceania and Pacific Islander Studies. This minor was the result of over 10 years of work by Pacific Islander students at UW; Professor Rick Bonus has been working with them every step of the way. American Indian Studies will be housing the minor, and the AIS department will be the administrator for students in the minor. Dr. Bonus, however, will be working as the interim director of the program during its first year. Bonus insists that it... Read more