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PICA Reading
The annual Pre-Conquest Indigenous Culture and the Aftermath Conference was held in early November at sites throughout Seattle and beyond the university. Drawing large crowds, the conference continued its mission of engaging undergraduate students in academic work in the larger Seattle community. Started in 2013, PICA has emerged as a student-run event that engages multiple communities in both celebrating and drawing attention to what is happening within Asian American and Native American... Read more
AES Students
The Department of American Ethnic Studies celebrated its 30th anniversary on October 12th by hosting an open house for faculty, staff, students, and administrators from across the university. We were also fortunate to have several community partners in attendance.  Held throughout the department offices on the fifth floor of Padelford Hall, the open house consisted of food, drinks, and brief speeches by university and community members that truly captured the spirit of cooperation and... Read more
AES Chair Juan Guerra
The publication of the inaugural issue of All Eyes on AES last spring marked a concerted effort on our part to showcase and share, as broadly as possible, the diverse activities and multiple accomplishments of our faculty, staff, students, alumni, and allies in the community. As former Chair Dr. Lauro Flores indicated at the time, each new issue will feature the profile of prominent AES graduates who are making a difference in their communities, include stories highlighting significant faculty... Read more
Increasing numbers of grandmothers across the United States are raising their grandchildren, many of them living in poverty and grappling with a public assistance system not designed to meet their needs. Assistant Professor LaShawnDa Pittman interviewed 77 African American grandmothers living in some of the poorest areas of south Chicago. Her findings ... Read more
AES 30th Anniversary Celebration
Many thanks to the faculty, staff, students and community members who attended our open house on Monday, October 12, 2015, celebrating our 30th Anniversary as a department. 
Prof. Stephen Sumida
PAPER ANGELS by Genny Lim, directed by David Hsieh   In 1915, eager and hopeful Chinese immigrants await permission to enter the United States at the West Coast immigration center located at Angel Island in San Francisco Bay. In sharing the stories of sojourners aspiring to find a home in the America of their dreams, PAPER ANGELS brings history to life, creating a moving depiction of the same issues our country is... Read more
Juan Felipe Herrera at UW AES spring 2015
Juan Felipe Herrera, newly named poet laureate of the United States, describes his UW students as “great — hard workers and talented.” In turn, the spring quarter visiting professor had great impact on them through a teaching style that goes beyond the syllabus and approaches writing and poetry from eclectic perspectives, with all senses engaged. “On the first day he gave each of us a piece of construction paper and asked what comes to mind when we feel it, what noises it makes when we shake it... Read more
Connie So, International Examiner 2015 Community Service Award
For her work in raising awareness and pride of the Asian American community and educating young Asian Americans about their history, the Seattle chapter of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance honored her with a “Citizen of the Year” award in April. At a May 21 dinner, the International Examiner also honored So with a 2015 Community Voice Service Award. Originally from Hong Kong, So rejoined her maternal grandparents in Seattle when she was a child, and became aware of the prejudice... Read more
Lauro Flores, Chair AES
The publication of this inaugural issue of All Eyes on AES coincides with the celebration of a significant milestone in the life of our department. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the creation of American Ethnic Studies, an academic unit established in 1985 through the unification of African American Studies, Asian American Studies, and the Center for Chicano Studies. These were all programs that came into existence out of the struggles for social change and educational reforms... Read more
AES confers diplomas and celebrates the achievements of the Class of 2015 at a ceremony on June 12. UW alumnus Alan Sugiyama, long-time activist and advocate in the Asian American Community, is the keynote speaker. Sugiyama founded and for many years led The Center for Career Alternatives. He also is a former member of the Seattle School Board and has received numerous honors for his leadership and dedication to educational opportunity for culturally diverse populations.