AES 212 A: Comparative American Ethnic Literature

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MTWThF 10:50am - 1:00pm
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Thaomi Michelle Dinh
Thaomi Michelle Dinh

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What is the role of American ethnic literature in forming much-needed community in perilous times, which we might argue is all the time? To think about this question, our course will examine a variety of genres, including novels, essays, poetry, podcasts, and memoir, among others. Some texts may include: Valeria Luiselli, Tell Me How It Ends; Mohsin Hamid, Exit West; Octavia Butler, Kindred; Steph Cha, Your House Will Pay; Layli Long Soldier, Whereas. Students will be encouraged to experiment with different forms of writing. 

Catalog Description: 
Reviews selected texts by African American, American Indian, Asian American, Chicano/Latino, and Euro American writers. Includes a comparison of how texts envision and interpret a diverse American culture and social, political relations among peoples of the United States. Explores the power of cultural agency in the creation of America's literature.
GE Requirements: 
Diversity (DIV)
Individuals and Societies (I&S)
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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