CHSTU 332 A: Chicano Film and Narrative

Winter 2023
TTh 10:30am - 12:20pm / THO 101
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Joint Sections:
C LIT 357 A , GLITS 314 B , SPAN 332 A
Syllabus Description (from Canvas):

Although people of Mexican descent have inhabited in the U. S. for centuries, it has been only during the last four decades that Chicanas and Chicanos have significantly asserted their presence through a sustained process of cultural revival and vindication. This process has involved diverse artistic media. Notable among these media are literature and film. Using these same vehicles, however, other groups have also attempted to depict Chicanos, at times sympathetically, at times pejoratively. In the main, this course will conduct an historical overview of the Chicano experience through film. Nonetheless, a critical examination of the portrayal and self-portrayal of Chicanos in film and selected works of narrative fiction will be the nucleus of the course. Students are expected to view all films, read the assigned materials, and participate actively in class discussions. Students enrolled in SPAN 332 will write the assigned essays in Spanish; those enrolled in CL 357 and CHSTU 332 can write them either in English or Spanish.           

Catalog Description:
Provides a historical overview of the evolution of Chicano culture through film. Critically examines the portrayal and self-portrayal of Chicanos in film and selected works of narrative. Taught in English.
GE Requirements Met:
Diversity (DIV)
Social Sciences (SSc)
Arts and Humanities (A&H)
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