Graduation Checklist

In order to receive a degree, you must complete a graduation application and file it with the adviser. To ensure that you graduate on time, you should apply for graduation 2-3 quarters before you plan to graduate. Submitting your application early will give you Senior Priority Status (GSP), which allows you to register first (before other students) for two quarters during your senior year. Please schedule an appointment with the adviser and fill out an application for graduation after the first week of the quarter.

The AES Graduation Checklist

When You are Close to Completing Your Coursework

  1. Fill out a graduation application and file it with the adviser in Padelford B-504; you should do this 2-3 quarters before your projected graduation in order to obtain Graduating Senior Priority(GSP) registration status.
  2. Check your DARS for AES through MyUW to keep track of requirements en route to graduation. Make sure you earn a 2.0+ grade in all required courses.

May of Your Graduation Year

  1. We will send you an e-mail message about the AES Graduation Ceremony asking you to RSVP indicating the number of guests that will attend with you.
  2. Don’t forget that you must register separately for the AES Graduation Ceremony and UW Commencement.
  3. Order you cap and gown through the UW Commencement website if you plan to attend the UW ceremony.
  4. Update your permanent address through MyUW. Your diploma will be sent to the permanent address you have listed there.
  5. You may forward your UW e-mail to a personal, non-university account through MyUW.

After Graduation, Verify Your Degree

  1. Verify your degree by checking your unofficial transcript.
  2. Once your degree is posted on your unofficial transcript, you can order an official transcript through MyUW for your records.
  3. If you authorize the release of directory information through MyUW, prospective employers can verify your degree.
  4. Your diploma will be mailed to your permanent address 3-4 months after you graduate.