All Eyes on AES, Autumn 2021

Welcome to school year 2021-2022! I write this in struggle with you, given all the hardships brought about by our ongoing pandemic, by worldwide calamities and conflicts, and by our continuing attempts to reckon with social inequalities. I also write this in the spirit of hope and renewal, to remind ourselves of everything else that we do and try to achieve in spite of our struggles. It is through these contexts that I share with you some great news about AES that provide us reasons to… Read more
Students from American Ethnic Studies AAS 380 ventured into producing a brilliant graphic novella honoring Chinese, Japanese and Filipino American Congressional gold medalists of World II. Their efforts, under the leadership of Professor Connie So, resulted in the release of… Read more
AES will host the 3rd Annual Poetry Jam for Social Justice at the Seattle 2021 Dawg Daze event. The Poetry Jam welcomes all students back to school to participate this September 28th, 2pm to learn how to create their own poetry. Students will meet outside the Intellectual House and receive journals to begin writing their poetry. And October 1st students will be able to hear from accomplished poets and also… Read more
AES proudly welcomes its newest faculty member, Dr. Oliver Rollins, the latest one to be added to our roster of exceptional and diverse faculty.  Rollins will serve as assistant professor with focused teachings in African American studies and American ethnic studies beginning winter quarter 2022.  He completed his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of California, San Francisco and most… Read more
The cover image for Rick BonusThe Ocean in the School is a piece of art done beautifully by former AES student Toka Valu. Here, he shares his thoughts about it: Over the course of my life, my art has been a process of discovery, refinement, assertion, and celebration of my Tongan identity. The cover art for… Read more
AES Assistant Professor, La TaSha Levy, recently published a book chapter entitled "Black Conservative Dissent" in The Black Intellectual Tradition: African American Thought in the Twentieth Century (University of Illinois Press, 2021). While the book… Read more
Chicana/o Studies faculty Carolyn Pinedo-Turnovsky contributed to the session, “What documents constrain, narrate, or liberate subjecthood?” for the Bugs and Beasts Before the Law Colloquium organized by the Henry Art Gallery in 2020-2021. The colloquium… Read more
The University of Washington annually recognizes 100 students among all undergraduates and graduates enrolled at Bothell, Seattle and Tacoma campuses. “Through their passion, leadership and commitment, these students inspire all of us to shape our own Husky Experience.” To be selected is a great honor and source for celebration as most students are nominated by faculty and advisers on campus.… Read more

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